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Old 07-27-2012, 09:50 AM
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Default 17X8 wheel What Do You Think in Fastrack

I'm starting this new thread because the CRB and ASAC really do need your votes on this topic. There are about 5 or 6 letters currently on the AS letter agenda about this topic, but the ASAC needs to hear from a lot more of you.

Why? Because this is a VERY difficult and potentially major change for a lot of people. And there are a lot of issues to consider. As with other topics, the ASAC is providing here, all the information we have on our research. The ASAC has not made a decision about a recommendation, and, there is no timeframe. So, here below are the issues. Please review them all and send in your vote via crbscca.com.

If this becomes a rule, all cars, Full and Restricted, will be ALLOWED 17 X 8 wheels and the Full Prep brakes will be allowed in any car that has 17 X 8 wheels. Restricted cars will still have alternate wheel sizes in their spec lines, but will have to run their stock rotor size and stock calipers with their larger wheels, unless otherwise stated in their spec line.

Thanks, Pam

These are in no particular order:

1. The tire manufacturers make 16 inch DOT tires almost exclusively for AS. If we switch to 17 X 8 wheels (as noted in the WDYT), eventually, the tire manufacturers may stop making 16 inch tires.

2. 16 inch wheels are generally not made any more because most street cars do not use them. Hence, finding some that will work for your specific car is becoming a challenge. And, they probably won't be light weight. You can have a custom made set made, but they will be expensive.

3. The 17 X 8 wheel will still mount a 275 tire. The indications are, from the analysis the ASAC has done, that the actual contact patch for such a tire/wheel combination will be amazingly close to what is now had on a 16 X 8 wheel with a 275 tire. The profile should be slightly lower for the 17 X 8 combo, but the actual patch should be very close.

4. With the 17 X 8 combo, which should have a lower profile, you will have less air cushion in the tire between the rubber and the wheel. This should mean that tires will run hotter, probably wear a bit faster, and probably not last as long. And there is a good chance your suspension setup will probably need adjustment.

5. Most currently running 16 X 8 wheels are probably getting very old, mine included. Don't know when or if they will start to have issues.

6. This is more of a money decision than a performance improvement/advantage decision because a lot of owners/drivers will end up eventually spending the money to buy new wheels. I personally have 5 sets of 16 X 8s, two stock 91 Camaro, two Revolutions, and 1 ARE. I could probably get along with 4 sets instead of 5, but that is still a pretty significant expense. Others will have more or less of a changeover than me. But, you can count on the tire manufacturers moving away from the 16 inch tires when their sales go down, if we switch to 17.

7. And, we need a suggested time frame for such a change. Definitely not 2013, we have a lot going on next year already. But, 2014? 2015? The new rule would say that the maximum wheel would be 17 X 8, so you could still run your 16s, if you could get tires.

So, as many of you as is possible, please think about this logically and carefully, and come up with a vote and send it to the ASAC through crbssca.com. The ASAC would like to work a recommendation to send to the CRB in the October 2012 time frame. The ASAC wants to do what the majority of you all want to do, so PLEASE VOTE!!!!!
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Old 07-30-2012, 12:46 PM
PamRichardson PamRichardson is offline
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Default 17" Wheels

The ASAC currently has 7 letters on this subject, as of this morning. We'd like to see a lot more for this decision. Please take the time to send a letter about this to crbscca.com. Letters are there for and against. The ASAC needs your vote on this.

I'll remind everyone that the tire patch of a 17 X 8 wheel with a 275 tire is almost the same as the tire patch with a 16 X 8 wheel and a 275. This is not about a competitive edge, this is about whether or not you can get 16 X 8 wheels for your car. And, it is about the tire manufacturers. As I mentioned in my original note, this is a change that will ultimately affect everyone, myself and the ASAC members as well.

Remember that rules and policies for the class start in the Advisory Committees, go to the CRB, and approval is by the BoD. No one can make policy on this forum by asking for agreement on a thought, polls here are unofficial, and the only way to make rule changes that you might want to see is to submit a letter.

So, please send a letter in about wheel size.

Thanks, Pam

P. S. Thanks to the people who just submitted 3 letters recently.
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