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Old 11-21-2016, 10:20 AM
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You know those top numbers at Daytona were with drafts right? Without a draft we were like peaked at 163.

I agree with Ken, numbers are just numbers. Every dyno is different. I was just throwing a round figure out there. By the way, with our current rules set we do not have 17% drive train loss. Its more like 13 or even less i believe. So if (and our car does not hit this number, just using a round figure) your RWHP is 400 your crank HP will be more like 460 ish. not in the 490 or 500 range like some claim. (HP doesnt matter by the way) Cheers Ken

I will tell you hitting those speeds in our old 91 original ASEDAN flexiflyer was an eye opening experience. The whole car was just not used to it. Also, there was no steering input going around Daytona. very similar to running that long straight at the ring.


My email is DAR15@comcast.net. Love to hear your ideas and comments about how to grow the class. Something we can bring up on our next ADHOC call.
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