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Old 10-12-2009, 04:55 PM
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Default Carb Screws

Well, I think I can see where tech decided that the "fasteners are free" rule did not apply with the carb.

3. Other than as provided for in these rules, the carburetor shall not be modified in any way. Any carburetor jets, accel-erator pump, pump cam, and accelerator pump nozzles may be used. Power valves, metering blocks, and floats may be altered or relaced. No venturi (including secondary or auxiliary) shall be modified in any way, but they may be aligned. Idle holes may be drilled in the throttle plates (butterflies). Carburetors may be modified to allow “four corner” idle adjustment.

That first sentence could be interpreted to supercede the fastener rule by some people. Something we need to clean up.

The way I see it (from what I understand please correct me if I'm wrong) is that the Holley rebuild parts have a longer butterfly screw than stock. Thus any modifications to that screw were interpreted to be a violation. Well what if, for example, Holley modifies the rebuild kit with slightly shorter but functional screws so now the replacement screws protrude 2 threads, the old replacement screws protrude 4 threads, and the factory screws are swaged. Now Tech's looking at multiple lengths, all legal, could be another mess.

The fix for this (if we want to do it) is to specifically call out fasteners in the carb paragraph I think.


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