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Old 06-11-2006, 05:58 AM
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Default Topeka Qualifying

From Mylaps.com, qualifying at Topeka. Must be wet or something.

1 20 Jim Wheeler 1:55.230
2 28 Monte Cowles 1:56.340
3 7 Kyle Watkins 1:56.572
4 54 Philip Smith 1:57.392
5 92 James Stevens 1:58.202
6 76 Kevin Youngers 1:59.077
7 06 Carey Grant 1:59.261
8 18 Jeffrey Robbins 2:00.472
9 4 Bill Tucker 2:00.624
10 23 Brian Doll 2:00.657
11 36 Jeff Kopp 2:01.652
12 63 Harvey West 2:03.732
13 61 David Guinn 2:05.174
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Old 06-11-2006, 08:09 AM
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thanks Mark .. I was wondering how the guys were doing ... Great job by Kopp and Tucker. Can't wait for the play by play from Wheel.
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Old 06-11-2006, 10:57 AM
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Not wet just hot as hell. I think we should add some lbs to those GM boys.
Wheel is driving his ass off.
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Old 06-11-2006, 11:32 AM
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Default Thanks Jeff

Wow! Must be really really hot. The lap times from last year were 44's weren't they? Is the track really that much different?

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Old 06-11-2006, 03:42 PM
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Default go Wheeler!

Originally Posted by Racetex
Not wet just hot as hell. I think we should add some lbs to those GM boys.
Wheel is driving his ass off.
Nice try.......lol. It's Wheel's home track.

Congrats Jim, way to qualify!
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Old 06-11-2006, 09:10 PM
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home track .. some seat time with the new brakes...deadly combo from King Wheel
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Old 06-11-2006, 09:49 PM
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Here's the race results:

1. Monte Cowles - 1:56.449
2. Jim Wheeler - 1:57.000
3. Kyle Watkins - 1:56.569
4. Philip Smith - 1:57.511
5. Jeff Robbins - 1:59.616
6. Brian Doll - 2:00.444
7. Bill Tucker - 2:00.009
8. Jeff Kopp - 2:01.205
9. Carey Grant - 2:01.797
10. Harvey West - 2:01.422
11. James Stevens - 1:58.685 DNF
12. Kevin Youngers - 2:04.439 DNF

Not sure what happen to Stevens and Youngers. I'm pretty sure they were both mechanicals. Sounded like Wheel and Monte had a good race going right up to the end.

A GT3 car erupted in huge flames at turn 2 and we did about 5-6 pace laps under full yellow. It bunched the field up in a weird way and I was behind Brian, Tucker, Carey and I think Robbins. There were a couple GT1 cars in front of them and a bunch of GT1 cars behind me. The restart was interesting and 1 lap after the restart I saw Wheel, Monte, and Kyle coming before Alpha so I lifted and pulled way right to let them go and have their race. I stayed close for a short while (fast bastards! - lol) and realized why I'm a "mid-packer" instead of a "front runner" - damn can those guys drive! I was able to get by Carey under braking in 1 with a couple laps left.

It was a fun and busy weekend. I play bass in a classic to new rock cover band and we were asked to play at the participants party Saturday night. I had heard that Jim Stevens was good on the sax and let me tell you that is a HUGE understatement. The man is a wizard on the sax! I've never had so much fun playing music in my life. Thanks for joining us Jim from myself and all the other guys in the band! We had a blast and you are most certainly welcome ANYTIME!

I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Thanks for a great weekend AS group!

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Old 06-11-2006, 10:48 PM
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It was a pretty nice weekend. Friday was hot as hell. Sunday was a little cooler and overcast. We are running the full track which is 2.5 miles. I can tell you that running a 2:55.2 was screaming fast. Most of the A/S cars were close on the grid we had a couple of slower GT car between us but it went
Gt3-The one that caught fire
and the rest of the field.

We got the green in the last turn before the straight and we all took off. I looked in my mirror and there were only two other cars Stevens and the GT3. The rest of the field must have been way back. Once Stevens broke I never saw any of the other A/S cars until the last lap when I drove into a battle between Grant and Kopp. I was ready to pass Carey into the Kink or turn 8. Kopp goes off and I am totally blind I am just hoping that Kopp does not fly back on the track into me. All ended well and since it was the last lap I followed them around.

The restart after the yellow was crazy. Wheel, Cowles, Watkins and myself were at the tail end of the pack. The lead GT-1 car must have been behind us when the course went yellow. The only car behind me was a Gt-2. The pace car let us go and the 4 of us ran pretty fast for about 2 laps to catch up with the field. It was a little stange the four of us running around the track at a fair clip. We finally caught the field and drove around a bunch more. We got the green heading into turn 10. There is a little confusion as to what happend but Kyle did not have radios so he had no idea when the course went green. I pulled along side Kyle and Cowles and then someone hit the GT-1 Corvette. I have no idea what a screaming fast GT-1 vette is doing in the middle of a bunch of A/S cars but the Vette went sideways. Cowles then moved into me and I when for a little rally cross. "Note to self. Next time when rally crossing the camaro do not run GSCS goodyears." I was able to get the car back on the track but I lost about 5 car lenghts and that is how the race ended from my vantage point.

Congratulations to the KC region on a great event on all the A/S drivers on the hard work and great driving.

See you at the Sprints.

#54 A/S

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Old 06-12-2006, 05:23 AM
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Default Congrats

Congrats to everyone who ran. Sounds like you guys had a good race and a great time!

Nice job Wheel, way to skew the curve and negate our arguments on the other page.............. (ha ha)

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Old 06-12-2006, 07:09 AM
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I got to the track on Thursday, so it has been a looong weekend for me. There were a bunch of cars testing on Thursday and many more on Friday. I worked a bit with Jeff Robbins on Friday, but did not go out on the track until Saturday for practice (I used it to bed brakes and scuff my stickers) and qualifying. Jeff was racing his beautiful Mustang and his T1 Viper. He was fighting a push all weekend, but went faster every session. Monte tested on Friday and we talked a few times. He was fast and consistent, turning 1.56's at will. Brian Doll stopped by on the grid, and it was good to see him again. Kyle had broken struts at some point that had been breaking for quite some time, just in an area you couldn't see without taking the front end apart. I think he ended up starting with stock struts from an O'Reilly auto parts store near the track. Not good.
During practice I noticed my engine temps going way up, so I pulled it in. We dropped the timing back a bit and put in fatter jets to try to cool it down. For qualifying I did one warm up and then turned a 1.55.3, followed by a 1.55.2 and pulled it in. Damn that felt good. A perfect handling car on a track I can drive in my sleep. Little did I know that the perfect handling car would turn into the pushing pig beast from hell on about lap 13 of the race. I have never had a car change that much.
Saturday night Kopp and his band rocked the joint. Jim Stevens was the bomb on the sax. When he walked out into the crowd wailing on a wireless mic, the place went nuts. I loved it. A number of the powers-that-be in our regions came up to me a said we need these guys to play the Runoffs, the Mazda party, the Turn 1 party, whatever. I felt like their agent. I said, "Well, I know they aren't booked yet, but they will be." I hope, for everybody's sake someone makes that happen.

Over the course of the weekend Ted and I managed to poison Kyle with copious amounts of margarittas, hoping he wouldn't make the green. We got close, but he pulled through and we all took the start.

The first part of the race, up until the full course yellow (which seemed to last forever) my car was perfect. I was down on hp with the retarded spark and fatter jets, but it really didn't matter since I could put it anywhere I wanted, brake late, get on the power early and just add a little to my lead any time I wanted. The temps did go up again, but I just short shifted and they held at 230water/300oil. Kyle was behind me, followed by Monte.

Under the double yellow my temps went to 250 water and past the peg on oil temp.
Since we came to a dead stop on the front straight a couple of times, my in car timer counted two 5 second laps because there were a couple of sending units a hundred yards apart on the front straight. When we went back green, I thought there were only a couple of laps to go. If the race had ended when my timer said we had done the 18, I would have won. Unfortunately, the race had their own lap counter and it didn't agree with mine.
I pushed straight at turn 6 and Monte passed and took a well deserved win, setting fastest lap and establishing the new track record. We had come together earlier on the front straight at the fastest and most dangerous part of the track. Just as we came to the the hump toward the end of the straight I was looking over the hump at the phone pole I use as an aiming point. There is a wall that ends at pit out and I moved Monte over until his choice was to hit me or the wall. He tapped me on the left rear. I thought, "What the hell was that" as I corrected and looked in the mirror to see the Mustang wobble back and forth. I didn't have a clue he was there and I am really sorry, but glad neither one of us lost it. That would have been the wreck of the week, for sure.

I think everyone had car issues during the event. I know Monte had some problems, Jim Stevens, Phil Smith and Kevin Youngers had issues, but I don't know what they were. We still had 10 finishers

I was very proud of the Kansas City and Kansas regions for putting on a good show. This was, by far, the biggest event ever run here. With the exception of some delays for removing cars, etc. things went very well. The worst paddock space at HPT is better than the best paddock space I have ever had at the Runoffs. There were running a solo event that took up the full south paddock but everyone had a smooth level area to set up.

I was really hot and slightly disoriented after the race, but eventually cooled down and came back to life. I had wrecked the Miata in the group 1 race and Ted and I had a full day's work loading up all our shit and then getting a bunch of folks to get the Miata onto the open trailer, so we didn't get to watch any of the other races.

Now I have to find out what happened to change the car's handling so much. That and my new engine and I might really enjoy the Runoffs.

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