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Old 11-30-2017, 06:15 PM
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There are so many opinions and objectives to this 2018 tire rule change. The, "Big Topic" on the AdHoc board was reduction in cost, and where are most competitors spending their money to race. Where could operating cost be reduced? Tires? Fuel? Brakes? Body Damage? Transmissions? Entry fees? Travel cost?

One of the discussions to "reduce" the cost, was by tires by either a spec tire, a tire-marking system, and/or a "harder compound" tire. The compromise and blending of rules and tire rule change is similar, but not identical to TA3/4. TA3 cars, when on Hoosiers, could ONLY run R7, and would be allowed 5 total tires for each specific event. Tires were marked and the tires a competitior qualifies on, is what they must race the entire event on. Formula Mazda has this tire rule. This specific TA3 tire rule is NOT our AS tire rule, just showing one of the many paths that led to this idea.

Some of the competitors on the board had stated that specific events required 2 sets of A7 tires, to be competitive. Understanding there are many factors, but shows a trend of a spending frenzy on a consumable...

I am in favor of any reduction of cost, try to equalize the playing field, and find ways to improve American Sedan. Certain parts of our class will need a tune up. Why is Spec Miata so popular? Cost? Reliability? Big grids? I understand Spec Miata is not the same as AS, but a true divisional AND a majors class, where core enthusiasts race as privateers, which is SM and AS. How do we improve AS? Make simple, cost effective, V-8 racing fun...

My opinion would NOT be to implement a rule change mid-season, rather the start of a season, 2018, 2019, whatever makes the most sense. This will take more effort for the change for all.

Not certain how many AS racers have a "Good" stockpile of A7's that are "Good" for 2018, along with the argument that this is the reason why we are implementing rule mid-season. I know every tire I have sitting around isn't "Good enough" for my first race of the 2018 season.
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