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Old 11-13-2004, 10:50 AM
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Default Passing

Although there doesn't seem to be a consensus on passing protocol, I'd like to hear what people think about passing. That is to say, on the list, some folks were giving their oppinion regards the responsibility of the passer to know when they are making a clean pass, and the responsibility of the person who is being passed to know when they are being passed.

On page 81 of the GCR, 9.1.2, the GCR says...

The responsibility for the decision to pass another car and to accomplish it safely rests with the overtaking driver. The overtaken driver has the responsibility to be aware that he or she is being overtaken and not to impede the overtaking car. The overtaken driver shall not block. Any driver who fails make use of the rear view mirror, or who appears to be blocking another car seeking a pass, may be black flagged and/or penalized.
Under driver conduct, it says..

B. All competitors have a right to "racing room" on the marked racing surface. "Racing room" shall be generally defined as sufficient space on the marked racing surface so as to allow a competitor to maintain conrol of his car in close quarters, under racing conditions.

C. It shall be incumbant on all drivers to preserve the right of his fellow competitors to "racing room" on the race track. Abrupt changes in direction so as to impede or affect the path of a car attempting to overtake or pass may be interpreted by Officials as an attempt to deprive a fellow competitor of his right to "racing room."
The reason I'm interested in this topic is...

#1. There was a reported debate at the Runoffs that when the overtaker reaches the inside corner of the "overtakens" rear bumper, he has the line.

#2. My own personal experience in regional racing of getting to another driver's door during a pass, having the overtaken driver turn in to apex when I was right there, and I was at fault when reviewed by the Steward. Rest assured, when the same racer saw me at his door for the rest of the season, he gave me the line.

#3. I have a very nice paint job.

So inconsistencies exist.

My oppinion goes like this. The overtaking car needs to be to the overtaken car's door. Simply sticking the nose of the car inside the rear bumper isn't a pass, in my oppinion. Sticking the nose in at the last second usually results in a wreck, in my oppinion and from what I've experienced and seen. Unless the driver being overtaken is very, very passive, being lapped, obviously much, much slower, and not racing for position. I don't think that most drivers are on the track to be passive.

I have a nice clean, white rear bumper cover on my car that I was going to display "Checkered Flag or Bust." But since reading that thread on the list, I'm wondering if it wouldn't be make sense to display a passing protocol.

Meh, I probably won't do that... but what are you thoughts regarding this issue.

Justin Rupp
96 Cendiv
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Old 11-13-2004, 12:04 PM
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Wait until December 4th on the Speed Channel and watch the A/Sedan Race. Make sure you tape it so you can watch it over and over and over again. Hope they show all the crap that went on without any penalties, especially going into and through Madness where I was sitting, along with Carousel and Key Hole. Watch the block and the attempt to try and take out two of the competitors. Hope they don't edit out all the Good and Bad stuff. Should be some exiting video footage. Just my Opinion.
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