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Default June Sprints

Andy, Matt, Myself, John, Matt Regan.

Saturday - really hot. Matt R caught on fire, not sure how bad, and went home.

Andy Ran away, Matt Jensen ran away from me, and I ran away from John.

Matt's Car was Bill Batens, and it was always fast in a straight line, but Matt did a complete build on it over the winter and now it stops and turns...

Matt and I both got in front of Andy on the start, thanks to a slow GT car balking him. That lasted until turn 6....

Sunday: Andy, Me, Matt.

Andy had a gear box issue, got stuck in 3rd gear after the first couple of Laps. Matt had a gear box issue, only had 4th gear.
I had a tire choice issue, and mistakenly went with the tires from Saturday, which were snot. With Andy crippled, he was only about half the length of the front straight in front of me at the finish, and we were turning similar lap times. Had I put on stickers and run times like Saturday, I would have passed him. Oh well..... John ended up in the gravel at 14 Sunday, not sure what happened to him. I would have really liked to see Matt R run both days.

Great, hot weather Friday and Saturday. High winds and cooler Sunday. No rain during the day.
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