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Old 01-19-2020, 08:45 PM
mam423 mam423 is offline
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Default How competitive are the RP cars

Newbie to the class.

Switching to AS class for 2020. I acquired a 4th gen Firebird with a SCCA logbook that was a formerly raced in T1 or T2 several years ago. Just curious how competitive have the RP cars been on a National level., the Runoffs??
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Old 01-20-2020, 09:36 AM
jimwheeler jimwheeler is offline
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Kevin Fandozzi was very competitive with his Gen IV Camaro in RP trim.
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Old 01-21-2020, 06:25 PM
smithpr smithpr is offline
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I think that they can be very competitive. Get a good car. Put the Hot Cam in and get it set up reasonable and you will do great.
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Old 01-23-2020, 05:33 PM
Scott Sanda Scott Sanda is offline
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Very competitive.

IMO Drew would have won the Indy runoffs had he not broken his trans, mainly because he would have had tire left when Mark and John did not.

He also finished a strong second out west 2 years ago, on a twisty track.

Not every car is suited for every track, but for the next 2 years at least I think the RP cars will be capable of winning.
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Old 01-28-2020, 10:58 PM
DHRMX5 DHRMX5 is offline
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I disagree. The AS FP cars do T2 times at RA. My LP Mustang won't. That is why I sat out VIR. At tracks like Laguna or Sonoma the AS FP cars slow down to T3 times. What does the CTSV make restricted?
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Old 01-29-2020, 10:22 AM
Scott Sanda Scott Sanda is offline
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I can't not comment on this:

The 11-14 ford GT, 5L coyote in AS requires a 54mm flat plate restrictor at 3450 lbs on 275's, and 3500 on 295's

The 11-14 ford GT 5L coyote in T2 requires a 54mm flat plate restrictor at 3500 on 275's

The 15-17 ford GT 5L coyote in T2 requires a 52mm flat plate restrictor at 3600 on 295's

The AS car is allowed full prep AS suspension, which is spherical bearings, any springs, any shocks, any sway bar, etc compared to the limited suspension allowed in T2.

All of them need to run stock intakes, throttle bodies, headers, etc.

A RP mustang in AS, built to limit of the rules, will handle better and be lighter than the T2 version, and make the same power.

My AS V does not have a restrictor. On blackdogs brand new dynojet, in November, it made 373hp and 385T.

Neither Heinracy nor Ellis pulled it in a straight line. They were faster because they drove better.

Back when the Ad hoc could look at data, We overlayed a Mcdermid fast lap to a sanda fast lap. I was slightly faster on the front straight, and our times were identical exit of 14 to exit of 8. Andy was 4 seconds faster through the carousel, kink, 12 and into 14..

That was driving related, not car related.

So my V, in top hands, is capable of 27's at RA. I have had theoretical in the 28's.

RP cars, especially at long, fast tracks, are every bit as capable as FP cars.

I keep hearing that the RP mustang cannot make power, overheats, etc. Well, the T2 cars, with the same restrictions, seem to make power just fine.

If I was going to build a new AS car, it would be an RP Mustang. Of course, I would put my kid in it, since he is still fearless.

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Old 02-04-2020, 04:12 AM
DHRMX5 DHRMX5 is offline
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Scott, you want to point fingers despite never being within 6 seconds of the front at a Runoffs at RA with your CTS. You were 4 seconds off the field at MO.

Drew hasn't been able to put his CTS on top of the podium either, although he has been close at Sonoma. Which is my point. RP cars can run with the FP cars at the smaller, tighter tracks. Not because they speed up but because the FP cars slow down.

In AS You have less weight and no restrictor than your T2 CTS-V counterpart. Why was it that Drew couldn't run within 3 seconds of the T2 grid?

And yet you want to tell me that the Mustang with less HP and TQ and more weight than the CTS-V should be mowing down the AS field? I make 354/360. You make 375/385. Tell me again why I should be getting it done when the Cadi can't?
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Old 02-04-2020, 12:29 PM
Scott Sanda Scott Sanda is offline
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Drew was second at Sonoma. He was running right up front at Indy before he broke.

He is a fantastic driver. Way, way better than I am. I'm mid pack because I am a mid pack driver, not because of the car. Way to take data, and turn it into a "you suck" attack.

No one runs the V in T2 because it is still the same spec as it was back when Buttermore ran it in T2. Back then, it was competitive. If I recall correctly it won a couple of runoffs at mido.

Look at where T2 is now, speed wise. Much, much faster. So if Sandridge and Buttermore, both top drivers, driving fully T2 developed cars, were 2 seconds off AS times waaay back in 04 with the same spec car, they would really, really be behind now, since in 04 AS was 2 seconds faster than T2

So that is why no one runs the V in T2

In 16 at Mido, T2 mustangs ran 32.9, 34.1 and 34.1 in the race, 3 separate cars. As did a 33.4, and a bunch of 34's including Drew, who broke.

So in 16, the stange in T2 and the AS field, FP and RP were both pretty close.

In 16, the 11-14 stange in T2 had a 56mm restrictor.

Today it has a 54, but the car is faster than is was in 16.

So, maybe, just maybe to RP stange with a 54 needs to have a 55, but it is also y lighter than the T2 version, with potentially a better suspension.

Bottom line, RP cars are not dogs. They can run up front in AS. There may be better or worst tracks for their strengths, but that applies to every car in every class.

Now, let's re address the "you want to point fingers".

You are the person who is interjecting driving to this discussion, and you are the one insulting me. I have never, ever, said I was a front runner, and have never, ever, used my lap times as a basis for requesting changes.

You on the other hand, blame you inability to run at the sharp end on your car, and then complain about it to the world.

I know that my car, in the right hands, can win the runoffs.

I suspect that the RP stange is the same, but since no one has ever built one to the limit of rules, campaigned it hard, AND has been a top driver, it is hard to quantify.

The only real data point is Danny Richardson Driving Chaynes (SP, sorry) in a single session, with no setup work, and running faster than the track record as couple of years ago.
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