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Old 02-02-2019, 01:15 PM
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why is any discussion a moot point?
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Old 02-07-2019, 10:25 AM
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Probably flogging a dead horse at this point, but I found the following quote in the February 2019 issue of SportsCar rather interesting.

Originally Posted by Peter Keane
"The goal for the RRB moving forward is communication, communication, communication. We plan to improve communication with the members, Regions, SCCA staff, and the technical inspectors."
I'm not sure what qualifies as "communication", but I think a WDYT to solicit feedback on SMG being added as spec'd to A-Sedan might have been a good start.

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Old Yesterday, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Danny"TheKid"Richardson View Post
Kevin was kind enough to email me the answers to the above questions that were posed.

-Why was Kevin removed from WCVision rulemaking.

Well, to put it clearly, I was brought in in 2011 to help reverse a million dollar per year losing entity, and helped turn it into one of the most popular series in the US. Enough so, that it was bought out by SRO, and the partners that I was tied to sold their shares and moved on. Luckily, before this transfer took place, I was offered a six figure salary to develop the new DPi tires in the IMSA paddock and the entire product development from 2015 forward. It was too good to pass up.
While that is a nice spin on what happened after KF was removed from WC, it isn't exactly true... KF and SB were removed because they were caught manipulating data for the purpose of BOP adjustments that would benefit one or more mfg which in turn provided a financial gain for themselves.

Why was Kevin cast out from the Touring World?

Again to clarify this, I was brought in to manage to the new Touring classes many many years ago (2009?). Most were failing, and not making the numbers. Fast forward, all are above the average, some in the top 10, and healthy with respect to the future. I was recently moved to AS, Formula, and Super Touring. All facing the same fate with weak numbers country wide.
Again many untruths and misleading statements here...

KF was removed as a touring liaison due to several members relating to their area directors the dirty dealings he had been involved in. After multiple letters from multiple team owners and individual racers the BOD looked into some of the things KF had been involved in and made the decision to remove him from touring with explicit instructions to no longer involve himself in touring. A portion of the BOD wanted him removed from the CRB as well but the vote was not unanimous and he was allowed to stay on the CRB where he has continued to work hard to influence touring decisions IE: squashing the SMG move to T3...

Also important to have a bit of a history lesson here in that 2009 touring was suffering more than any other factor due to a disastrous economy. Has touring grown since 2009? Yes it has grown AND shrunk since KF was in charge. The problem with KF's assertion he is the hero of touring is the economy has improved dramatically and other similar classing venues have grown at an exponentially faster pace than touring has. While most racers, team owners and mfg's involved in touring classes will tell you the slow growth compared to other similar venues is do to constant meddling with rules and car classifications along with the continual slowing of all the touring classes as a general philosophy endorsed by KF. Many cars are carrying hundreds of pounds in ballast (some up to 450Lb) and choking them off with FP restrictors pulling up to 30% of their potential power...

These factors while they may be somewhat successful in keeping BOP in check make the classes very unattractive to MFG's and would be newcomers to the class. These factors have also caused several people to leave the touring classes because of the simple fact that a great team that worked hard and found speed within a given rule set could count on being rewarded with less power and more lead. This promotes sandbagging and a very significant lack of trust in the process among racers...

The new regime in Touring has taken some great steps forward since KF was removed but his meddling and underhanded dealings have now caused the touring liaison to resign...

With KF as a liaison in AS and ST you can see what has been happening, cars getting classed that the constituents repeatedly made it known they did not want (both AS and ST) and kockblocking a move they did want (SMG to T3) without following due process... Same $hit different day...

KF will also simply repeat lie after lie until he wears everyone down...

Jeff, I hope this post isn't outside forum guidelines, feel free to remove if it is but I just can't stand to see so much false information out there, Thanks for listening to the facts
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