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Old 11-06-2022, 02:34 PM
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Default Counterfeit MSD 6 AL Ignition Boxes

Posted on the Facebook page:

Alert: MSD 6 AL ignition box. Is yours a counterfeit? Check out the possibility on thecounterfeitreport.com, search on MSD 6AL ignition. I found this out today (could have knocked me over with a light stick), as I had never heard of it. But, sent one of my 3 boxes off to MSD to get checked, and they let me know today that it is a counterfeit box. Easiest way to tell? The bolts holding the coverplate on the unit for a rev limit "pill". The real bolts are torx, the counterfeit, phillips head. Found other boxes, 1 counterfeit and 1 not.

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