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Old 10-03-2021, 05:56 AM
Airindy Airindy is offline
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Default Tires...

What happened, for those who weren't there. Pam? You're calm, collected take is desired.
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Old 10-03-2021, 08:20 AM
MarkMuddiman MarkMuddiman is offline
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Goodyear re-enters AS with 245 and 275 tires in 17 and even 16" sizes. I didn't know they existed until Tuesday, when I saw the Goodyear guys on the grid.
So Hoosier delivers a cheater tire after qualifying, too late for the CRB to switch the rule from excluding to including.
Can't count on anyone to honor the intent of rules, only the letter.
CRB needs to learn how tread wear ratings are determined and enforced by DOT if they want to go that way, otherwise we'll see A7 gumballs labelled as 200!
Mark Muddiman
AS #71
Detroit Region
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Old 10-04-2021, 05:37 AM
PamRichardson PamRichardson is offline
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Default Tires

Airindy --

Sorry to not respond more quickly, but, we were VERY busy, I forgot my computer charging cord, and I was driving home solo with Danny's 3 year old daughter Annie (9 am-6:30 pm yesterday).

That said, we have a LOT to do today and the next few days, but, I will post here sometime this week.

The information you have asked for has been posted by Danny on the American Sedan Facebook page and I will copy here as soon as I can. He was driving the rig back with Kent, our amazing crew member, so he did have an opportunity to answer there last night.

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Old 10-05-2021, 03:25 AM
Airindy Airindy is offline
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Thank you Mark and Pam...
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Old 10-05-2021, 01:23 PM
PamRichardson PamRichardson is offline
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Default Danny's comments on AS Facebook Page, RE: Tires

All --

Here is a copy of what he wrote (while riding home), some typos, but I think you will get the gist. He was responding to a question from Matt Chojnacki about whether or not he received M tires from Hoosier for the race.

still driving home now gutted from the trans failure. Ill give you what I know.
Originally the tire rule was written to include all autocross compound tires from any manufacturer to help save costs for the class.
That rule was thrown out.
In June, a rule was activate that said no hoosier A7. The scca is not supposed to directly attack a companies product in that way and I caused a stir.
Now, I heard goodyear had made a tire. When I did some research it was only available in the 295. That was a while ago.
I knew drew would be showing up with them I even joked with him Sunday when I saw the car that I called it.
We qualified all week long on the r7. Wednesday we messed the setup up pretty bad and spent that day working on it. Thursday we broke a weld on the side cover of the trans and spent that day working on it. While we worked on the trans hoosier asked me if I wanted to try and different compound for the race.
I asked them what it was and about the legality, of which they told me they spoke with Eric prill and all the big wigs and they gave them the green light.
So I said sure why not.
I then asked would I need to change my setup like I would for an A. They said no, its not an A keep your setup the same. I said ok.
So we fixed the trans. I went out for a hardship with Drew to scuff them and test the trans. Everything went fine. Nothing crazy.
Friday I spent all day watching races and checking the car because I was determined to not have my 3rd DNF in a row. At 730 pm Friday night I went home. Saturday I got mentally prepared to try and fight hard. Then broke before turn 1.

That is everything I know. Im sorry if it doesn't give you the answers you are looking for. I will say from looking at the lap times, they weren't much different than qualifying. Well except Greg pulling that 50 out which was super impressive.
In closing, I dont believe anything nefarious was going on. Hoosier is the greatest company I have ever worked with. I know that they will do whatever they can to help their customers the best that they can. Always have. Always will.
If you have more im sure you can reach out to them and ask. They won't lie to you.
I'm just sad I didn't get to try and battle one last time with drew. He was always one of the best to race with. With his talents he has always been an alien in my book.

Hope this helps, Pam
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Old 10-06-2021, 05:21 AM
Airindy Airindy is offline
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Very interesting, Thanks...
Was Drew the only one on the new Goodyears?
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Old 10-06-2021, 09:50 AM
Tim White Tim White is offline
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If anybody is curious here is the pricing for the Goodyear DOT race tires.

243883 4858 RCMD P245/45ZR16 $279.00 DOT R Compound
243886 4898 RCMD P275/45ZR16 $299.00 DOT R Compound New Release
243219 4856 RCMD P245/40ZR17 $278.00 DOT R Compound New Release
243776 4896 RCMD P275/40ZR17 $339.00 DOT R Compound New Release
243882 4857 WCMD P245/40R17 $312.00 DOT W Compound New Release

There is no 16" rain option.

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Old 10-15-2021, 12:51 PM
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Default Indy Runoffs AS Race Laptimes Comparison

There has been much discussion about the Hoosier M and Goodyear tires at the runoffs this year. I took the lap chart published on the SCCA site and did some comparison of most the fastest drivers. This was drivers that consistently lapped under 2:00.00 minutes.

I have never run the "A" compound on track so I can not give any input on how they fall off over a race. James and Amy were only 1.2 seconds slower at the end of the race than the start. John H. and Beth were 0.27+ seconds faster at the end. Please look at this data and give the group constructive comments.

I took the fastest early and late race 5 consecutive laps and averaged them. I then compared these two averages and listed the difference between them. If the first and/or second lap was more than 2 seconds slower then the following then the were excluded and the next 1 or 2 included. The last lap was excluded if it was over 2 seconds slower.

Attached is a PDF of the findings, if you want the raw data PM me and I can send the spreadsheet in the format that works best for you.
Attached Files
File Type: zip AS Runoffs Race Lap Times 2021 Fastest Drivers.zip (33.0 KB, 278 views)
Allison Palitz
#82 '87 Mustang
San Fran Region
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