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Old 03-10-2017, 07:51 PM
PamRichardson PamRichardson is offline
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Default April 2017 Prelims

... are posted:


What you will see. Two rules clarifications in the Technical Bulletin, no rule changes.
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Old 03-13-2017, 01:00 AM
MarkMuddiman MarkMuddiman is offline
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Default Steering removal

I agree that OEM electric-assist should be optional.
But the proposed rule is much too vague.
Reading it strictly literally, it says that the steering may be removed!

Maybe it should say something like:
"OEM electric-assist steering may be disabled by disconnecting power or by removing the assist motor and gearing, or may be replaced by any hydraulic-assist steering gear with ratio of 14:1 minimum or any manual gear with ratio of 19:1 minimum."

I suggest 14:1 and 19:1 because these are typical ratios used for power and manual rack systems. Leaving the ratios unspecified allows OEM EPS cars the option of fast-ratio manual gears that aren't available to the older cars. Early Fox Mustangs used manual steering, but at 20:1 instead of the power gear's 15:1.
Mark Muddiman
AS #71
Detroit Region
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Old 03-14-2017, 02:19 PM
PamRichardson PamRichardson is offline
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Default Electric Steering

Mark --

The ASAC is in the process of reviewing your letter and suggestion. I will pose a couple of points for consideration.

One is that it is hoped () that the change does not encourage people to remove a steering system and replace it with nothing (double grin).

Next, the purpose of the clarification was based in the fact that 9.1.6.B. could be problematic for building a full prep car that came with electric steering, if we did not clarify that the electric steering could be removed.

It is the intent of these rules to allow modifications useful and necessary
to construct a safe, more reliable, competition automobile. Other than
those items specifically allowed by these rules, no component or part
normally found on a stock example of a given vehicle shall be disabled,
altered, or removed.
Cars need not be eligible for state licensure or

Whether or not the ASAC needs to define what should be used to replace an electric steering system on a Full Prep car is currently under discussion. Please stand by so that we can complete that discussion.

Thanks, Pam
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