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Old 06-14-2010, 04:48 PM
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Default Lemans

I watched the 22hrs of lemans this weekend. Pretty cool sh!t.

Fortunately, I recorded the last 2 hours, and was dissapointed that I watched up until 3 seconds before the outcome was sealed...

Anyway, best race in years I thought.

How about that Saleen S7, winning the (depleted) GT1 field in the last year for that class as a 10yr old supercar.

Yes, there is hope yet for a Fox chassis at the runnoffs

In fact, I think we should get Dawson Motorsports to field a mustang. I'll be the first to do a quadruple stint on the hoosiers... pretty sure we can run 3100+ miles trouble free in the Ellis-mobile...

Who's in??

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