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Old 06-23-2015, 08:17 PM
Talladega Talladega is offline
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Default My Turn,,,,

Scott , if you put that much effort in that Car,,,,
And you don't want to win?

I understand why your racing a Caddy,,,,,

Is it Black?
Im from Sicily, and don't even ask about neckties,,,lol

Ease up , have fun
Joe T
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Old 06-23-2015, 08:53 PM
Talladega Talladega is offline
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Default Back in the Day,,,,

Back in the Day when 10-20 cars showed up ,
There was someone from National Office that Flew in to do tech
After 2nd Q ,,,
About 4 times a year in different regions,,,,

All cars were impounded and we had a wine and bitch fest kind of,,,,
Not much was Throwed out in tech but ,
it was like,,,
Hey I don't think that is legal and you might want to fix it before it gets
Protested in race,,,,
But maybe is is legal,,,,,

Maybe that is were the wording came on Comp Board,,,,


At least if something was wrong we had time to fix it after that.

Troll Joe
Im bait,lol
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Old 06-24-2015, 05:49 AM
Scott Sanda Scott Sanda is offline
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You aren't a troll, your a source of entertainment. There is a difference.

Of course I want to win, but I also have a realistic understanding of my skill set. I always try to improve, and generally have, but so has everyone else. Some day, maybe I'll have both money and time, and I will race every weekend and practice during the week.

For now, I'll continue to work 6 days a week, coach youth sports, do escorts and activities with my VFW, and spend time on the various boards and committees. I like my busy life, and it's current balance.

I'd love to run WGI, and VIR. Both are on my list. Ask me for anything but time.
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Old 06-27-2015, 08:41 PM
Ted Johnson Ted Johnson is offline
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Sorry Scott,

I thought it was clear that I was discussing with Jeff a hypothetical situation that if the entire asac had tire deals it would be a sad day. You posted who did and didn't and Joe didn't elaborate on his accusation so I left the discussion. I'm only back because my phones been ringing with calls from forum lurkers laughing at me with comments pertaining to being promoted to "Forum Troll "and other comments "man they are raking Johnson across the coals again on the forum." I think its pretty funny myself. I do have a sense of humor and Joe suckered me in. Thanks Joe. You are the king of trolls and I am a still a student of the craft. I really didn't know what the definition of a troll was so i looked it up. There really isn't just one but I prefer this one.

"One of many unsung internet heroes who are almost entirely misunderstood. Contrary to popular belief, many trolls are actually quite intelligent. Their habitual attacks on forums is usually a result of their awareness of the pretentiousness and excessive self-importance of many forum enthusiasts. As much as people may hate trolls, they are highly effective - their actions bring much of the stupidity of other forum users out into the great wide open.
Man, that troll really owned those dumb forum users who take themselves too damn seriously."

But lets see if I can surprise you. I'd say we have a whole lot in common. Work a lot, have many other activities going and love to race when time and money allows. We are both happy and realistic. Some have suggested if I worked on my race car as much as I "troll" I'd have a competitiive race car by now. Well not quite but its been transformed. We both aren't likely to win the runoffs/nasa nationals. We both have cadillac power under the hood. It sure is fun with all that low end torque that a 6 liter provides. Shifting at 6k max. Oil and water temp perfect. Seems like the engine isn't even stressed which suits me just fine. Trans theoretically should last awhile. Fingers crossed. The car doesnt fit in A/S anymore sadly but this is the combination that my budget needs to run. I've been watching the lap times of the A/S cars and my new A/I competition and at our local track its shockingly close. We would have a great race. I'd love to race with Jim, Jack, Kim, and Tim again. I may race with Kim next year in a separate non SCCA or NASA race in Hastings. You see I really don't care what the venue is. I want to race and have fun. So let me throw this at you. Midwest division non majors SCCA is in trouble. You saw the letter. I thought that letter might have been distributed to the popular forum sites to petition to the majors racers if they had the time and money go to a midwest division non majors race to help them grow. The IT racers wouldnt feel slighted like they do now with the separation of the majors tour if more majors competitors show up. We could just enter in ITE and have a good time. What do you say? Next year? We could put a wager on it. If I win I get to slap Wheeler up side the head. If you win you get to slap Wheeler up side the head. Same prize for whoever won. Its a win win win

I'd invite that darn troll Joe but he invited everyone but me to WGI. Thanks again Joe. I thought we were friends. Sour grapes from this bitterly troubled racer.

Ok. I'm putting my troll hat back on now. Are you ready?

(The following statement is intended with humor as the intent. Anyone who takes it other than such needs to lighten up and get a beer from Joe)

Scott your facts on who on the asac has a tire deal is wrong. Im 99% sure Jeff Kopp has had a tire deal for a for a very long time. In case you didn't know "HES KIND OF A BIG DEAL" . Come on dude get your RP car done and get out here. Ask him Scott. He will tell you this.
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Old 06-28-2015, 01:24 AM
Talladega Talladega is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2004
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Default Dam ted ???

Do i have to invite you, to anything?
Your always invited to Joe World in little Dushore Pa,


I didn't mean to offend anyone , just bust on , what we are in A/S
Hell Ted im still in the top 7 with used up 5 years old tires,,,,
And you think your broke,,, its a disease,,,
But a good legal one,lol

Id rather ride dirt bikes, but age is slowing it down,
Not me just my body,,,,

Hey hell with wheel, lets throw 50 bucks each to Ted and get him in the mix of it.

Hell if Scott would put a back seat in the caddy, id love to go for a ride,,
you no how us back seat riders are,lol

Ted, i didnt troll you in , i just felt we both work hard beliving in things,
I felt you gave me a complement, and Thank You,

Not many understand that but few,

I was afraid to read posts, since im a troll, but a A/S troll and any other
racing troll,
District 6 ama
I race what i can afford,

If we had 35 entrants at WGI and Danny had to drink that many beers,
Maybe we could tie him um so he dont make race,lol

Im lucky if i get 6 in me, dam age.

Ted it wasnt as you thought,
Lets see if your hands are as sad as mine from work,,,

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