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Old 03-30-2014, 10:26 PM
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Default Hallett Majors

So far there are 8 entries. If the Smiths and Bill Gray bring the AS cars, rather than the GT1s, there will be 11. If Charlie makes it, it will be an even dozen.

This should be fun.
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Old 04-07-2014, 09:28 PM
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You don't want to post the results Wheel?

First I have to say it is strange starting that far down in the field but there were a ton of fast cars there. On Saturday they threw the green super early, we were not even on the straight yet. Apparently it took the whole inside line by surprise include Jim and I. The outside line just motored by, Dean got by Jim and Kim got by me. Then Kim and I really got a bad break, just lapped by the leading GT-1 cars then a full course yellow. Kim ran a great race, that was one wide Camaro, unfortunately he started having problems with 3rd which finally allowed me to get by. I think Jim got by Dean on the 3rd lap and ran away with it.

Jim Wheeler 1:26.514
Dean Palmer 1:26.967
Tim White 1:29.659
Kim McDonald 1:30.226
Ian Maloney 1:30.371
Trevor Janke 1:29.310

On Sunday the start was still bad for the inside line but I was a bit more prepared and kept Ian and Trevor behind me. Kim went home because of the transmission problems. I believe Wheel led flag to flag this time. Our group was super lucky, it started to rain just as the podium celebration started.

Jim Wheeler 1:25.577
Dean Palmer 1:26.582
Tim White 1:29.195
Ian Maloney 1:30.609
Trevor Janke 1:28.491
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Old 04-08-2014, 12:12 PM
jimwheeler jimwheeler is offline
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Great racing with this group. I was sorry to see Jack loading up on Friday afternoon with a valve problem. Also sorry to see Kim load up Sat night. He was having clutch T.O. bearing issues and decided to pack it up rather than chance real damage. I think I got him hooked up with the right T.O. bearing part numbers to fix the issue.
Dean improved from a 1:29 qualifying time to a 1:26 race time. No more coaching from now on. I stickered up on Sunday, rather than run the old stuff, since I considered him a real threat. As Tim reported, on Saturday, our line got a lousy start and Dean got by me and two to three GT2 or T1 cars. Several laps in, he missed the line in turn 1 and I had an easy pass at the tree turn. He raced me clean and then stayed on my bumper the whole way. On Sunday I got a good start and just tried to make no mistakes. By the time the GT1 guys started lapping us and we started lapping the slower cars, I had a decent lead that held up.
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