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Default The Point David!

I don't quite see your point David---You seem to come on here making claims and to point out issues in a class where you have no experience, owning a car that has raced once in A Sedan, that you have tried to sell and now claim you are going to turn into a T-1 car. Most all the others on this site have raced in A Sedan for years or are Racing in A Sedan currently and have actually experienced the changes and the result of those changes.
If you don't like the class or the rules, then go to another class and play the game there.

Your last post, you ask Richard to explain something that has been obvious for years and that there is a multitude of evidence for. Try checking lap times! Example---Laguna---2014 Andy gets pole at the runoffs with a 1:39.xx, Lap record for Laguna in SMG regional class is a 1:39.xx
So--either the SMG guys have been cheating up their cars, or they are as fast as Andy in Regional form. Check lap records for other west coast tracks--more of the same. If you build race cars you should know exactly why these cars are as fast as they are at different tracks.

Even though Aaron and I don't race in A/S any longer we both still like the class and the cars. I'm, quite frankly, getting pretty tired of you coming on here bad mouthing cars that you literally know nothing about!!

Either build a Proper A Sedan LP or FP car and race it in A Sedan for a year or two or move on.
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