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The SMG class runs under Appendix M, SMG Technical Regulations. They are neither a Full Prep nor a Restricted Prep car. Appendix M does not have any requirements on the engine other than this:

1. No modifications to the engine are allowed except where specifically authorized within these rules. RACE-BUILT ENGINES ARE NOT ALLOWED. All engines will be as built and delivered by Ford Motor Company.
2. Cars in this class are to run stock 4.6 liter engines from 2005-2009 cars at no more than 315 rear wheel horsepower, and 325 ft lbs of torque. Updating or backdating of entire engine long block is allowed.
3. Dyno testing may be required if it appears that an engine in a competing car has an edge in power. Determination of any potential power advantage will be made by SCCA stewards. Test to be done at owner’s expense by dyno shop approved by the SCCA.

Without a dyno, which we have never had at an SCCA Runoffs, there is no way to tell if the engine is compliant.
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