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I read DHRMX5 replay about budgets. I bought a used AS car and was surprised how many illegal parts were on it. I ended up rebuilding the car from scratch and it cost a lot of money as the rules changed everytime the GCR's came our. No dash, no recirculating brake systems, new heads, new brakes, new transmissions. It added up. But when you run up front at you Nationals/ Majors and you consistently qualify in the top 3 at the Runoffs, sponsors will come talk to you. We tried to do as much work in our own shop and promote the vendors we had working on our project to our fellow racers.

I have been to the Runoffs 10 times and have been on the Podium 8 times. I retired from AS due to the constant rule changes and the "interpretation" of the rules and the lack of respect of some fellow drivers.

Racing cost money..PERIOD! but having to keep up with the Jones after every rule change makes way too many used parts that are no longer worth anything. I have seen rules that have made car obsolete. has no fewer than 10 AS cars for sale at anyone time. I feel the Runoffs has lost it's luster due to the fact they move it every year. West Coast 2018 was a joke. Crown a National Champion with less than 3 cars finishing in a class? There are more cars entered at VIR next week than the 2018 Runoffs.

SCCA need to re-think its formula and you can start several regional races and you get an invite? Maybe a new rule at the Runoffs as the 110% rule is never enforced... When you get lapped, you get black flagged.

You want cheap racing...go by a Miata (can't way to see what those cars really cost to run up front)

Just my 2 cents Werth
Jeff Werth
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