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Originally Posted by DBailey View Post
For those who may not have caught it--The tire rule has not been passed by the BoD per the December Fastrack.

Those who do not want to lose the ability to make a choice about the compound or the manufacturer of the tires used in A Sedan can still send letters to the and voice your opinion. As we all know, of all the tires available for A Sedan only the BFG and the Hoosier have really shown to be competitive.
The new rule will, in effect, make A Sedan a 1 tire class because the BFG R1 tire was discontinued in the A Sedan sizes as long as 2 years ago, (due to lack of sales because racers were purchasing the R1S) The other tires mentioned in the new rule are either not available in the max A Sedan Sizes or have to be shaved to get any performance, and with that still are no where close to what the top 2 tires have been in performance.

Over our 10+ years in A Sedan we have used, tested, and raced on 5 different brands of tires and 7+ different compounds.
We have used Good-Year,Toyo, Hankook, Hoosier, BFG.
We found the BFG R1S to be fast,consistent,durable---That tire and others will not be a choice any longer.

Make your voice heard!
I may be wrong but it appears this campaign of letters to the BOD was an effective route of communication concerning this matter on tires? What changed their mind on this situation?
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