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Default Tire Rule

Matt-For the most part I agree with you. No offense was ever intended.
Just because individuals aren't in favor of a change doesn't mean they are being negative or not looking forward. If I weren't interested in the forward progress of this class I wouldn't be here. Just because a rule change is proposed doesn't automatically mean it is good, or it is necessary, or it is going to help the class. My belief is that this rule will hurt the class, so I am voicing my opinion as others are doing.
SCCA Pro Racing has it's own set of issues, good and bad and I just don't want have that cloud the issue.
I agree--spec tires remove all choice--This rule is a back door step into a spec tire.
I also want to grow A Sedan and show it to be a more fun, less expensive alternative to a class like Spec Miata. This won't happen with tire rules that will ultimately require new tires every session--all this rule does is slow down the class as a whole---no new track records, less grip, slower lap times. New R7's every session instead of new A7's. False Economy for some and just plain slower for others.
Where's the improvement?

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