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I agree with Ken that there will be problems both with performance consistency and policing.
And people will find these are not necessarily a low-cost option - buying multiple engines, sending them back for rebuild, or re-selling tired engines and buying new fresh stuff every 2-3 years.
So it's a horrible idea as a requirement.

But to give people an easier way to come in and get started I think it is a great option.
There are a few folks who are not professional engine builders that are buying parts off the shelf and bolting them together, with disapointing results. The crate motor provides a lot more reliability in that you can just order it, drop it in the car and go. May not be at the pinnacle of competitiveness, but also shouldn't be way down either.

I think we should also look at allowing the 603 Chevy and S347JR Ford with a small weight break (from the big-displacement weight).
350 crank HP is only enough to let you run at the back of the Runoffs grid at the small-displacement weight. These engines could never be over-dogs.
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