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Default The New ASAC News Topic Area

Good evening everyone!

Jeff has been kind enough to set this Topic area up for the ASAC to provide you with news and information.

At this point, anyone can post to this topic area. Therefore, you are welcome to ask a question, provide info on the rules we're working, or anything else you wish to pass along to the ASAC.

The rules are very simple.

1. This is an area for positive interactions and feedback. Bad behavior won't be tolerated. If any member of the ASAC sees bad behavior in this topic area, they can ask Jeff to remove postings.

2. If a thread gets way off topic, any member of the ASAC can first suggest to the posters that they move to another topic area for their discussion. If the off topic stuff continues, any member of the ASAC can ask Jeff to remove postings to get the thread back on topic.

3. If all the above can't control postings appropriately, the ASAC will ask Jeff to restrict postings only to ASAC members. As of now, this is open to everyone. Let's work to keep it that way.

This is an area that any of you should be able to visit to find out what's happening and what is being thought about for the future or to ask a reason why.

The rest of the forum is free as a bird for anything you want to do or say, but this one section will be dedicated to positive information flow only.

Thanks in advance for your positive postings here. Pam