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You are both right.

(4.040/2)^2 * PI * 3.500 * 8 = 358.9 cubic inches...

But you have to do that in a legal block, with a legal intake.

I think the disconnect here is the common 347 strokers are 3.400" stroke. You can custom make a kit though maybe.... Might not fit at all, Not sure.

To answer tom's original question, a good 302 with the new heads should be the hot setup, IMO.

As for the chevy, which is the last car I knew tom had, I think the 305 with the heads... Still have more torque but will have top end now also...

I'm pretty sure if Fairlane wants to show up with a 352 with a stock 4 barrel intake, the stewards can write a rule on the spot to allow that. At least you wouldn't need any ballast...

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