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Originally Posted by BMiller
Incorrect. Jan. FastTrack max bore 4.040", max stroke 3.500", 8 cylinders.
Just don't forget about the weight penalty if you run over 313CI.

I beg your pardon, good sir. The email I recieved from an ADHOC member was that the Ford 351 would be illegal.


Per the current rules that are recently approved at the Board Of Director level, the ford block has to have the deck height of 8.188" - 8.224". This is a 302 block, so the 351 blocks are not classified, and therefore not allowed.

The bump in displacement is allowed, however, by making a stroker from the commonly available stroker kits.

Additionally, the only approved intake manifold will not bolt up to the 351w block.

So, to build your car to the current rules, you have to work from the 302 platform.

To get this rule changed, you need to write a letter to the CRB (Competition Rule Board). The way the system works, there is an ASedan Advisory committee (The ADHOC), which is directed by the CRB to evaluate the merits of letters requesting change. Once we have weighed in, the CRB has the power to make specification adjustments, but they must forward a rule change up the ladder to the Board of Directors, where it gets voted in or out.

From the ADHOC point of view, we talked about this block, but eventually when weighing the argument from many perspectives, including Chevy guys and tech guys, we have settled on one block size for each car. The Chevy situation is a natural, but the ford situation requires a stroker kit, but they are common and reliable.

(name witheld to protect the innocent)

Adhoc Member

I won't mention any names, but his initials are Kyle.

If this has changed, however, this greatly improves my engine program...
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