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Default American Sedan on Facebook

Yesterday we released the American Sedan Facebook Group Page. Here is the link:

We will be deleting the American Sedan Original page by the end of the month.

Why the change?

The original page was setup more like a business and did not allow for user posts to be transparent and did not encourage communication between members. This page will be not unlike that of the other groups around the SCCA encouraging as much positive discussion as possible.

Please note the group rules when you access the page as they are written within the page itself:

Be Respectful
Racism, hate speech, and disrespect will not be tolerated. As racers we all inevitably have strong opinions and egos. We can still keep this a respectful community. Violators will be removed from the group.
Keep the conversations to AS/Racing
Please keep conversations focused on the SCCA American Sedan community and racing.
Avoid any obscene material/language
Please avoid the use of any obscene language or material pictures/video/other media). This is a public group and our goal should be to present American Sedan in a positive light. Violators will be removed from the group.

Finally, an enormous thank you and all credit for the group page should be given to Chris Majba who made it happen.

Looking forward to some quarantine banter over the next couple of weeks!
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