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Default Parts

Tom and Tim --

I agree that parts now are outrageous in terms of getting them. VERY hard. I see it everywhere as well.

However, I've also heard the rumblings about GM and Ford moving away from what they can transfer to the aftermarket, aka, racing parts.

In this case, we have both blocks and heads not available, some because of the standard problem of getting stock parts, and some because of the problem of getting racing parts, and some because we need to reach out again to get a full prep head in place.

In May of 2021 we had one of our VERY old camshafts fail and we needed a complete new block. We replaced the cam in the other motor out of GPs. I spent from May till the Runoffs putting everything back together, researching new places to get parts, etc. We picked up the backup motor from the dyno 3 days before leaving for the Runoffs. I hope it improves soon, but, we are all behind the eight ball on the blocks and heads and I am hoping we can have a solution before the end of the year.

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