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Originally Posted by PamRichardson View Post
I find that I need to correct myself. The policy to not allow competition adjustments after a certain date and prior to the Runoffs does exist, in the SCCA Operations Manual (Updated Jun 2021). Page 19 (Note the Operations Manual can be found on, after you have logged in, go to your profile page, and in the File Cabinet).

5.14 Competition Adjustments

- Competition adjustments are implemented to effect modifications to vehicles to increase or decrease the performance potential of specific makes/models of cars in order to better balance the class.

- Every effort should be made to limiting competition adjustments during the competition year to small changes as early as possible.

- First year cars have the following exception. The one year starts at the effective date of the classification. More adjustments to the newly classed car may be needed during this time for the good of the car or class. These adjustments include rim size, springs, shocks, and bars.

- Changes can be made at the end of the competition year effective January 1st of the following year, or any time up to the July FastTrack of the current year with an effective date of no later than July 1st.

- Changes limited to weight, tire size (not wheel), and/or the diameter of air intake restrictors of any type may be found on the appropriate vehicle specification line. Other than competition adjustments, spec line items are subject to the rules change process.

- Weight and induction changes may be considered a rule change if applied to a mature established class or one with restricted specifications (SM, FC are examples of this)

I have bolded the section that applies. Respond as you see fit. Pam
This is the defining line in the above rules: "Other than competition adjustments, spec line items are subject to the rules change process." It specifically removes comp adjustments from the time frame limitations...
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