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Default Why?

David --

I could be completely off base here, but, consider these thoughts.

For one thing, no other AS car is allowed ABS. That is a complete unknown to most drivers, though some that have driven with it say it is a huge advantage. Especially in the rain, but, also in the dry.

Another potential issue is that no other AS car has a HP/Torque requirement via dyno at the rear wheels. So, at a place like the Runoffs, how is this enforced? What assurance do all the other AS cars have that an SMG is compliant in terms of HP/Torque? A dyno sheet? From everything I have ever heard from anyone using a dyno, they can make the numbers whatever you want. And, with the dyno the only engine requirement, there are no specs on the engine like with other AS cars, other than "it must be stock from Ford", a very vague statement, IMHO.

And, for all the years that AS fought so hard to keep SMG out of the class, these were the most commented on (at least to me) concerns.

I sincerely hope that they do bring compliant HP/Torque cars to the Runoffs.

Bottom line, fear of the known unknowns (as we used to call them in Risk Management). Pam
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