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As you say, you are no longer running AS. I on the other hand, am very interested in building cars for the class. Just not FP cars.

As far as the Laguna times, Eagleton just reset the AS track record at 39.85 while Andy ran 38.38 in the Runoffs race back in 2014. So while Eagletons time is fresh, I am sure if Andy went back to Laguna he would be faster still. You have to dig deeper than just AS. In 2014 the T3 field would have qualified 2 through 5th in AS. The West coast tracks just aren't kind to the driving dynamics of the AS FP cars.

The SMGs that you are worried about are running at their home tracks. The only one I can find that has ventured off the West coast got his ass kicked at COTA by Fandozzi BEFORE Fandozzi's car got it's camshaft allowance. And they were still a second slower than the AS track record set back in 2013. How fast do you think ANDY would go at COTA?

This leaves Sonoma's results. Yes the SMG do well there. BUT, they still got beat by the T2 Porsches by a wide margin. The very same Porsches that Andy could run with at the June Sprints. The AS field would have gotten beaten by the T3 front runners at Sonoma.

IT'S THE TRACKS THAT AREN'T SUITED TO THE AS FP CARS. I can assure you that the Runoffs will never go to Sonoma again. So, the only track that the SMG dominate the AS cars at is off the table. Just pray that SCCA doesn't fold the T3 field into AS...
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