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To the question about the 10 seconds between Andy and the rest of us. The filed was very light. I had not been there for 6 years and was freaked by rolling the car at Canada and placing four off at max speed on the outside of the Kink. After Q2 Andy coached me with about 10 things that would improve my times. Unfortunately, on Saturday, my Panhard bar bracket broke off of the frame rail on the 2nd lap. I could not have come close to Andy, who is two steps above every driver, save a few, in ASean, but I would have dropped another five seconds from my Q time.
Congrats to Andy, Andy and Matt, for their podium finishes. Wish I could have played today.

P.S. I looked at my old data and times and found that my best there was 7 seconds better than what I did this weekend. Not exactly sure why that is, but I was going faster every session and wanted to peak on Sunday, but it was not to be.

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