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Everything depends on what your goals are.
Miatas for example.
The front runners are spending 30 to 40k more than it takes to build a front running car.
If you don't care about the runoffs and just want to race. Go spend 3 grand on a used miata and race regional.
The same seems to be true in AS.
I personally want to race against the best in the country. Not sure if I can beat them but they push me to go faster and work on my craft. I love it.
15k for an engines that lasts forever got it. Sure beats the old ones that broke every other race and costed half as much
2k for brakes that pads last until the end of the season. Sure beats changing pads every 2 sessions, rotors every day, and calipers every weekend.
2k for a trans that lasts an entire season if your clutch doesn't suck. Sure sounds better than our t 10 that made it 4 laps at road America.

Upfront costs are high, sure. But I can build a front runner AS racecar for a fraction of what a new camaro costs from chevy.
That sure seems to be different than when the class started.

Cheers to VIR!
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