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Default The Shape of Things to Come

with apologies to H.G. Wells..

Dave, I'm sure there are a few pockets of A Sedans left in the country, especially the East Coast, but in my mind the expense and growing age of the cars (and the drivers for that matter) have relegated A Sedan to the heap of once popular classes. I note there were zero AS entries the past month at the Portland Super Tour and Seattle Major.

Furthermore I believe that the CRB and BoD have driven a stake in the heart of the remaining A Sedan entrants with the inclusion of Spec Mustang in AS for 2019. I'm not sure how many will make the trek to the 2019 Runoffs from the SMG contingent but very few of them are running Nationals. But all it's going to take is someone like Roger Eagleton, Beau Borders or the best of the lot, Addison Lee, to show up for the win.

However, as to their competitiveness if they do show up, consider the 2018 Runoffs at Sonoma. Yes, I realize it is a different track than VIR but using the results of the SMG cars in T2 by fastest race lap and the fastest race lap for Heinricy and McDermid if the SMG cars were in AS in 2018 the first 6 cars in AS would have been SMG cars and Heinricy would have been 7th and McDermid, had he finished, would most likely have been in the same place.

Use any type of tire you want...but the winning tire will be shod on an SMG (which runs 295 tires on 18x10.5 rims) Apparently SCCA feels that the hundred or so running AS cars need to spend $15k or so reinventing their cars to now be competitive in AS.

Boy, I'd sure like to see Andy McDermid show up at the Hoosier Super Tour at Laguna Seca in July in a rental Spec Mustang. SMG driver Roger Eagleton recently was running 1:39s lap after lap in a rental car that was "tired". In his own words, "It was only a 39. I think in the #98 car we could get it down to low 38 or even a high 37,but for this car it's not bad." If that's the case a driver like Andy would be in the 36 range (On a scale of 10 with Andy at 10 then my opinion of Eagleton, a good driver but no where near the equal of Andy or John, would be a 8.5, maybe a 9 on his best day. (For what it's worth my evaluation of my own current skills on that scale is a 7)

Or do as John Blanchard has done and run AS as a regional class with a dozen participants. Or as Dean Bailey is doing in the San Francisco Region with a regional only "old school AS rules" with the MC (Muscle Car group). Started just 3 months ago it's currently comprised of 5 old A Sedans (and old drivers..the youngest is 50 and the oldest is yours truly at 71) and several more being built for three newcomers for driver's school next January. It's just for fun class with no aspirations of Roger Penske walking up to us in the paddock and asking us to drive his...well, anything. There are a few changes from 2018 AS rules such as banning A tires and a few more tweaks.

Oli Thordarson and his southern California Spec Corvette group have done much the same thing with ex T2 cars that SCCA obsoleted in much the same way as the AS cars. They've reached the point where new cars are being built for their group and have over a dozen cars so far. They use a spec tire with a 200 treadwear index and a cost of almost half that of a set of Hoosiers. And they last 3-4 weekends with no drop-off in times. I'm looking forward to seeing them race at the Labor Day Laguna Seca races.

I wonder out of all the AS cars out there how many are really serious about the Runoffs...a dozen throughout the country? of which 3 have a chance of running up front. IMHO AS is now consigned to the scrapheap of regional racing...and having fun in the class again.

Dave, if you drop the price of your RP Mustang to $15k I have a ready buyer for you right now that is looking for a car for the MC class here in the SF Region.
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