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jkopp 10-01-2004 04:29 PM

Fuel Test Port Tip
by Tim White
One of the biggest concerns about fuel testing is spillage. One solution is to
have a length of hose off of a tee that is capped. When tech wants to test your fuel
simply pull the length of hose out, place over what they are collecting the sample in,
remove the cap and turn the fuel pump on. No spillage! OK, personally I don't want to
have a length of hose in my trunk and this might be hard to do in a car with a hatch.
There is another solution. a re-sealable quick connection. Place a re-sealable quick
connection on the tee and connect the hose when needed, viola! Jiffy-tite makes a line of
re-sealable quick connections. North American Race Parts carries the full line of
Jiffy-tite connectors. They can be contacted at:
North American Race Parts
Dept. PRI
312 Gasoline Alley
Indianapolis, IN 46222
Phone: 317-244-9694
Fax: 317-243-8905
North American Race Parts

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