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PamRichardson 03-07-2016 01:08 PM

April 2016 Prelims
...are up:

aszilagyi 03-07-2016 05:16 PM

Voting For/Against SMG in AS ?
How did the SMG thing shake out Pam?

Any more traction than the last time?

I like the idea of more cars in AS.
Just do not see any give and take spirit on the SMG side.
And do not see what the holdup is on the SMG side.

If I was racing a regional only class. And wanted to start attending National events. And later try to become completive.

I would make what ever changes were required to fit an existing class.
Or buy a car that did fit.

Reading the SMG rules. It looks most cars could easily be modified to fit AS rules. Its just bolt on stuff!

Or am I missing the point?

I personally would like to consult with a Front running SMG team. And challenge them to convert to limited prep. Or even Full Prep. AS rules.
I do not feel the car will slow down. If assembled and setup correctly.

PamRichardson 03-07-2016 08:43 PM

Alex --

I think it is best to say that the community did not change its mind away from the last effort to add SMG to AS.

I was personally asked to go through the SMG rules and list the differences from AS. Once I did this, I saw/realized how significantly different SMG is from AS. I also realized that IF SMG were in AS, in their ruleset form, a lot of AS competitors would start asking for some of the modifications that SMG has, and, one might guess, the reverse would be true as well. Then another segment of both sides would probably be upset about significant rule changes.

If I understand the SMG effort correctly, your assessment is pretty accurate. They enjoy the cars so much because they are all alike, and, for instance, everyone has a 4.6. In AS, I would be concerned that SMG cars built to their rules would not have the power with the 4.6 that we see in most AS cars.

As for what might happen with a whole segment of spec-type cars, Jim would have to chime in from a CRB perspective if anything is being thought about, as that would be his purview. These days there are a lot of Club-type efforts outside SCCA competing for a basically constant set of amateur racing dollars.

Just my $.02, no proclamations of any kind.


Danny"TheKraken"Richardson 03-08-2016 01:28 PM

My biggest issue with SMG and Asedan is the closing speeds under braking. You saw what happened at Laguna in the t2 race. They will be braking much deeper and it will create dangerous situations. Lap times may be close but in different areas. It was the same way when I used to run with ITS in regional racing. Lap times very similar but at different points on the track. :cheers:

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