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Mustang Alli 09-02-2022 02:52 PM

Bringing ASedan back
I miss you all here on the .net:(:D

Darn Facebook with all that shinny newfangled stuff.:mad:

PbFoot 02-16-2023 04:31 PM

There are 27 Majors classes in the SCCA. AS now occupies the lowest participation level in 2023 so far.

rx555 02-22-2023 06:03 AM

I feel like it's going the way of IT. There's some interest in pockets around the country but mostly regional. Not many doing HST/majors.:(
It's disappointing.

I was surprised this forum was still working. Hadn't checked in awhile as I thought I saw the owner was gonna turn it off for lack of use.

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